The law prohibits companies like Facebook and Twitter from blocking content based on political views.A federal judge on Wednesday granted a preliminary injunction against a Texas law that prohibits large social media companies from banning users or blocking content based on their political views.HB 20, signed by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on September 9, targets companies with at least 50 million monthly users in the United States, including Google's Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and will allow residents of the state.

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Can sue a company for reinstatement, account, law enforced by the governor's office on processing protection. "from false censorship on social media platforms", which is scheduled to take effect Thursday.In his decision, Judge Robert Pitman of the Western District of Texas wrote that social media platforms have First Amendment rights to moderate content on their platforms. is It added that "the state offers "no convincing support in recognizing the government's interest in the free and unobstructed use of generic carrier information pipes.

Pitman's 30-page ruling (see below) addresses the question of whether social media companies exercise editorial judgment regarding content posted on their platforms.

This court is convinced that social media platforms, or at least covered by HB 20, manipulate both users and content to convey a message about the type of community the platform seeks to foster and exercise editorial discretion against the platform's content, Pitman wrote and supplemented. that "Without the discretion of the editor Social media platforms simply cannot distort their platforms.according to the ideology that the state has accused of doing